Lots of love for the nABC from top producer Giuseppe Ottaviani

Giuseppe Ottaviani is one of the best international trance DJs and producers, steadily touring worldwide with his live sets and occupying trance charts high positions with his productions. He recently posted a 10 minutes review of the nABC on both Instagram and Facebook. Looking forward to hearing it on some of his productions!

The nABC is shipping! We have a few extra units available, use the contact form if interested

We are so excited that the nABC is finally shipping, some customers have already received it while others will get it in the next two weeks.

nABC User Manual (beta) available for download

The nABC beta version user manual is now publicly available for download on our nABC page, have a detailed look at its features!

The first nABC units have been assembled

The nABC production has proceeding quickly during the last weeks. The first units are now assembled and final tests are ongoing. We expect to deliver them in a matter of days.

nABC assembly line